AIRTEC Stage 4 Intercooler Upgrade for Focus ST MK2

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Designed & Proven to extract maximum gains from your 300+ bhp ST, this kit would compliment the DreamScience Turbo X upgrade or a similar Big Turbo conversion.

Our RS into ST Performance & Cooling kit has been Rolling road tested (tests caried out @ AMD Essex)

2.5" Hard pipe upgrade removes fords 2.0" restrictive boost pipes. We saw gains of 11.8 bhp & 9 lb/ft torque increase's over the standard ford pipes, these gains were achieved by simply bolting on the big AS 2.5" Boost pipe kit! (these are RS figures, ST gains to be publised soon) Gains will vary depending on spec of your ST

Intercooler spec.
Air-Ram Scoop, forces Air directly into core of intercooler
Huge high flow 60mm core, lower ACT Temps,
Smooth flow end tanks, no welds, means no leaks
Airtec logo brackets
Increased BHP & torque Figure
Pro-Series Black
Strongest Intercooler available, backed up by our 3 year warranty.
All Pipe's have swayed ends to stop the pipes blowing off
Fitting takes 1 - 2 hours depending on mechanical skill & tools available

Please Note: Kawasaki Green is a brighter Green than Ultimate Green (FRS Green)

Important Note. The Pre-facelift ST has a different radiator compared to the facelift & RS, this makes the left hand pipe (Inlet side) very tight against the radiator cradle & boost hose, we recommend removing the radiator cradle bolt, levering the cradle to the right and re-drilling a new hole & then replace bolt. Its very simple and Easy to do, but is necessary to give you extra clearance for the bigger 2.5" pipe, if you are still not happy with fit we would recommend fitting a RS radiator, not required to get the power you want, just makes cold side hose fit nicer.

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